osprey sill osprey sill

Our story starts in 2005 when Jeremy and I met while working together at a tattoo shop. It wasn't until 2008 that we branched out together and opened our first shop, No Regrets Tattoos, in Solomons, Maryland. Growing up, my Father was a waterman in Chesapeake Beach and we decided to name the shop after his old boat, No Regrets. The years went by and although we loved our business name, many shops had since opened with the same name, so we made the tough decision to change it. From 2013 forward, we were known as King of the Bay Tattoo.

The name King of the Bay is symbolic of our new 'mascot', the osprey. Jeremy and I were born and raised in Southern Maryland, and are proud to have our business represent the area we were brought up in.

Jeremy is a second generation tattoo artist and we both carry an "old school "mentality when running our business. We carry a higher standard and uphold the true artistry behind the craft of tattooing. Each of our artists has a natural artistic talent that presents itself in each custom design they draw, and each tattoo they create. We are all certified in Blood Bourne Pathogens, CPR and First Aid and are liscensed through Calvert County.


Jeremy and Emily surf fishing in the Outer Banks